July 6, 2010  

Another beautiful day in Rainbow Beach – we finished it with walk to the sandblow. It took us 20 minutes from the town via the new track to the entry point. We didn’t stop for photos this time, but it wasn’t the fastest pace we could manage.  When we reached the top we veered right towards the ocean and were rewarded with a glimpse of the fading sunshine reflecting off on the coloured sand cliffs near Double Island Point.

White froth in the ocean convinced me there was a whale breaching, but the kids assured me it was Wolf Rock. I was not so sure, as it is not uncommon – binoculars would have come in handy!

We walked back in time to the opposite side of the sandblow to see the sunset’s colours mostly obscured by clouds. As we walked down to via the carpark/Cooloola Drive, we met plenty of hikers setting up for the sunset..

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