Welcome to another weekly Fishing report from Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters. Thanks Tony for your article below.
Another 2 trips offshore last week and some very nice fish were landed on both days. The main species being Gold Spot Cod, Scarlett Sea Perch,Spotty Mackeral,Pearl & Moses Perch,Maori Cod and Parrot,with a few Squire.
Conditions haven’t been ideal now for a fortnight with persistent Soueasters around 20 knots and it doesn’t look any better next week. Those that like Winter had better get ready with a burst of Souwesters coming, which should lower the water temp even further and hopefully entice the Snapper closer to shore.
Last week I had to go to Victoria on business, but fitted in an offshore trip my brother arranged out of Portland.
This was my old hunting ground but I hadn’t been back for 20 yrs . The weather was brilliant and we fished the 80 mtr line for 40 good Flatties to about 60cms,a big Gummyshark and Pike. This is where they get the biggest Southern Bluefin Tuna up to 135kgs last year with hundreds over 100kgs.That is back breaking stuff on Rod & Reel and certainly not for my back now.
I have seen some of the rods smashed in half by the Bigger Fish that are just too BIG.I have actually got a Pic of my Great Uncle who caught the 1st Tuna out of Portland on Rod & Reel in about 1934, but only about 5kgs.
Well till next week, Good Fishing.
Tony Stewart,54868666.www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au
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