School holidays are here!Finally! The school break is here, except unlike the last one, we don’t have to stay at home.

Please come and join us! Queenslanders, now is the time to help get the economy back into gear, and go on holiday. We have COVID regulations all in place for your safety. In a town of 1000-ish residents, kilometres of coastlines, surrounded by bush it is easy to self-distance and escape the crowds.

Things feel like they are returning to that new normal. This week I’ve enjoyed returning to the gym, brekky out and a dinner with friends in town. And my delicious pasta wasn’t served on disposable plates! Plus there were proper glasses. Accommodation bookings are coming in thick and fast, too – thank you everyone who is making it a priority to visit Rainbow Beach! We love seeing Rainbow Beach bustling again. Please tell your friends to join you, and book an apartment as well. Rainbow Getaway is ideal for groups – the BBQ areas and gardens make it easy to cater, spread out and relax.

Our winter days have been beautiful, I’m still loving my walks along our beach and Coloured Sands. Remember to book a pass if you are driving up to Double Island Point, or we can help you book a 4WD, a tour there or to Fraser Island.

If you are across the state border, stay tuned – we have fingers and toes crossed Queensland’s gates will be open for you soon.

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