Cooloola Great Walk,

Cooloola Great Walk, June 2009. Double-Island Point. Rob Mancini.

A new manta ray
Wolf Rock Dive divers assist in photo identification of the sharks and rays we see on the site, and along with Project Manta who enter the information into a huge international database, we have successfully identified a ‘new’ manta.

This means we get the opportunity to name the reef manta along with its ID number and it can then be tracked by anyone else who sees it along the east coast.

Last month,15 scientists, from as far afield as Darwin and Kangaroo Island, and nearly 100 members of the public try to identify as many species as possible.

Some of the most interesting finds include the blue mushroom, commonly called the Sky-Blue Pinkgill (Entomala hochstetteri), as well as glow-in-the-dark fungi; six types of frogs; the only velvet worm recorded in this area and a potential new Casuarina species.

Green Nomads
‘Voluntourists’ and Green Nomads are a great asset to any region and the new traveller making their way around the country. The team from Coastcare will be starting focus groups asking for input from locals and business owners in the coming months.

Great Walk to be extended
The Eco-trail will expand the current 102 kilometre walk, and include guided tourism walks, led by Kabi Kabi representatives. Eco-cabins are also planned for the 5 day adventure hike through sand blows and past freshwater lakes.

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