progress-spare-coloured-sands-pic-300x225Mother Nature has created as many as 72 different coloured sands along the enormous sandy cliffs of Rainbow Beach.  Some as high as 200 metres.  The colours come from iron oxide and vegetable dies leached into the sand probably since the last ice age.  There is an Aboriginal legend that tells of a great spirit which took the form of a rainbow, entering into a fight over a young woman, the spirit fell onto the cliffs infusing the sands with its polychromatic splendour.  Vehicle permits are NOT required to see the coloured sands from Rainbow Beach south to Middle Rock. 

WARNING:  Be careful to NEVER carve or dig holes into the sand cliffs.  They are not stable and could collapse resulting in serious harm.  Do NOT climb the dunes or park near their base.  These fragile formations need your protection.

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