The largest travel guide book and digital media publisher in the world has listed Rainbow Beach in the top 10 most unusual beaches in the world.

“Not content with merely taking on an unusual colour like red or green, Rainbow Beach takes on a myriad,” says Lonely Planet.

“On Fraser Island (the world’s largest sand island) off Australia’s east coast, the beach is backed by exquisite cliffs where you can see the rainbow colours most clearly in edible-looking striations of nougat, rose, honey and cream.

“Aboriginal legend has it that a spirit personified in the rainbow dived into the cliffs during a fight over a woman, staining them with his colours. The sand looks gold from a distance but scoop up a handful and you’ll see the rainbow.

“Get up early to hand-feed wild dolphins at nearby Tin Can Bay. There is only one feeding a day, at 8am.”

We join other world-famous beach destinations such as California’s Bowling Ball and Glass beaches, Hawaii’s Papakolea, Prince William Sound in Alaska and Harbour Island in the Bahamas, to name a few in Lonely Planet’s new travel guide, 1000 Ultimate Sights.

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