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A few kilometers from town, on the Gympie road, take the Freshwater Road to the left. Travel 3km on a good gravel surface to bring you to Bymien, which is the limit for conventional vehicles. Toilets and picnic tables are available here.

Take the rainforest trail. From Dandathu track, climb a rainforested high dune before descending through carrol (grey myrtle) scrub to the white sandy beach and tea-coloured waters of this perched lake.

Perched lakes such as Lake Poona in Cooloola are Great Sandy National Parks’s most common type of lake. They develop when a saucer-shaped ‘hard pan’ of organic debris, sand and peat forms in a depression between dunes. Water collects, slowly filtering to the watertable below.

Perfect in the warmer months with the refreshing water and goannas and yabbies to spot. Some one has installed a rope swing since our last visit – irresistible for the young at heart!

Allow approximately 40 minutes each way unless your children ran all the way like our friend’s family did!

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