In Queensland, communities are bringing back events and some normality to our lives, post Covid.

Town hosted the Rainbow Beach Trail Festival last weekend, and then on August 8-9 we’ll have 200 competitors at the Rainbow Beach Double Triathlon. Numbers have been capped and regulations are in play for Covid.

Also in town is Vietnam Veterans Day on August 18 and Gardiner Fisheries 2020 Whiting Comp starts this month – running August 1 to November 28.

Next month is Father’s Day on September 6, the Rainbow Beach Wellness Expo on September 20, and the Fishing Classic is November 26-29.

So there’s lots to look forward to for visitors and locals. Weekends have been busy at Rainbow Getaway, but there are certainly vacancies through the week. Now more than ever, we invite you to stay (depending on your travel restrictions). If you can’t join us, and you loved your stay at Rainbow Getaway – please help us out with leaving a review, buy a holiday voucher (for Dad!), visit our social media and follow or like and comment, share them in your pages, forward on this newsletter or refer us to your friends! Even post your last trip to us on your Facebook page or Instagram and please tag us!

Rainbow Beach Coloured Sands

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