It was 14 years since my last helicopter flight! But that was in New Zealand – to see our own backyard – that I know so well and can pick out the lakes and buildings… what a thrill!

Rainbow Beach Helicopters took us on a special flight to see the Dirty Down Under 4×4 Pink Run and fundraiser for breast cancer. We had excellent views of Rainbow Getaway and the nearby Sports Club and even cricketers on the green.

We were looking and looking then suddenly Teewah Beach appeared with rows of 4WDs, and their big marquee. Our pilot Glen even showed us a turtle swimming just near them. Onto Double Island Point – I love that place – and the beautiful lagoons we love to visit.

It was high tide so no 4WDs further down – just the rainbow cliffs, and only person on the sandblow. The mini sandblow and flags and surf club, I was so excited I forgot to look out for my son who was on surf patrol that afternoon!

As we came back into landing, view of Fraser Island, Inskip Point and Tin Can Bay Inlet were laid out in front of me.

Charter tours offered by the team include Inskip Point, Rainbow Beach – including Carlo Sandblow and Tin Can Bay. Prices start at $99 and you can secure your ride when you book your accommodation with us.

It would make a great present!

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