September 6, 2011

Our school held their own Amazing Rally ‘Round Rainbow on a lazy Sunday a couple of weeks ago.   Remember car rallies of old, where you look for things, have to do things and have to pick up items as you go?   Our team was driving all over town, out to Seary’s Creek up to the Sandblow and as far as Carlo Point to gather clues and answers.

Our Rainbow Zoo team challenged the Snow Bunnies, Lady bugs, Back in Black, Ranga’s … and more.  Competitors were impressed that there were questions suitable for all ages – from tots to seniors.  Our team had 5 children from the age 6 to 13 and all of them were allotted taks suitable for their age – from finding items, counting, spying to deciphering codes.

Adults loved that kids had a chance to enjoy the outdoors racing against the time, and were heard saying that the kids would sleep well that night. They had so much fun we have decided to have our own Getaway Amazing Race.  Next time you come and visit, grab your list from Judy and she will tell you your time limit. If you are holidaying with another family you can compete against them.   All thanks to Sandra, who developed the rally and with our dedicated school community and generous sponsors, raised much needed $$$ for the school!

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