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On the May Day Public holiday, one family we spoke to took off to 4WD up to Double Island Point.

Tides were higher when they left so they drove up the Freshwater Track. They reported the road conditions had improved – although there were still rough patches. The kids enjoyed driving through the rainforest and taller trees, with a quick stop at the picnic grounds before the arrived at Teewah Beach.

The Leisha track conditions had improved too, there was a sharp bend at the end with plenty of options to park either side.

They were amazed at the how many lagoons there were- it had changed so much since their last trip! Despite the popularity of the spot and number of vehicles, there was ample waterfront and safe areas for the kids to run on the beach.

Never had they seen the amount of shells on the beach – cowries and huge conch like shells and soldier crab armies everywhere! A huge treat for the the kids to watch. The surfers they were with had a glorious time, jet skis  were out – but mostly they just saw familes and groups enjoying picnics and BBQ’s on the lagoons.

They packed up on low tide and enjoyed the drive on the beach towards Rainbow. There were a few areas with exposed rocks, and if they had left it any longer they would have had to turn around at Mudlo Rocks and return inland. This changes day to day – it is always a good idea to check or ask for the conditions report. After their big day out, they told us they need to drive up “to Double” more often.

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