2863667149_5fb4b5c196Day Out #3 Fraser Island Day Tours
November 22, 2010

It is no mistake that our Fraser Island tours are one of the most popular. Many visitors arrive in Rainbow Beach simply to visit the island, unaware of the beauty of our mainland. Prepare yourself for a big day out, we love to spot dingos and turtles. Our favourite destination is Eli Creek. So clean and fresh yet right on the beach. Lake MacKenzie is also high on the list with the beautiful aqua coloured water that tempts swimmers year long.

Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island, 123 km long by 15 km wide.
It was World Heritage Listed in 1992 after a bitter struggle between conservationists, sand mining and logging interests. It is composed almost entirely of vegetation covered sand, with over 40 freshwater lakes and dense rainforest.

Take a day tour to explore the best areas of this environmentally sensitive region and discover its precious eco-systems, abundant wildlife and natural beauty. Throughout the day you will touch on and appreciate nature’s magnificent paradox. Seemingly endless golden beaches encompass towering hardwood forests, barren heathland, pristine rainforests, huge creeping sandblow deserts, crystal clear freshwater lakes, gurgling blood red streams, prehistoric ferns, mosaic coloured sands.


• Swim in Lake McKenzie, the island’s most beautiful lake with its clear blue water ringed by white sandy beaches.

• Explore Pile Valley and Central Station, a former forestry camp with huge satinay, scribbly gum, brush box and kauri trees.
• Walk along the banks of Wanggoolba Creek which flows gently and silently through lush rainforest.

• Travel up famous Seventy-Five Mile Beach to see the coloured sands of the Pinnacles and the wreck of the cruise ship Maheno.

• Stop for a swim in Eli Creek as it flows swiftly through the dunes out to sea.

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