I had the pleasure of meeting the new owners of Carlo Point Boat Hire the other morning…and what a lovely couple they are.

Meet Lorne and Jill Thomas. Hailing originally from Zimbabwe via Ireland and Toowoomba, both are excited and enthusiastic about their “Sea Change”.

“We first came to Rainbow a few years ago and immediately fell in love with the place.” Explains Jill “Lorne really wanted to move here but it just didn’t seem possible.”

“One day I was looking at businesses for sale and came across this place, I said to Lorne ‘you are not going to believe what is for sale’…..and here we are!”

Jill is still working in Toowoomba, so Lorne is at the helm most days and more than willing to go that extra mile to help people out. “We are also dog friendly but if they don’t want to take their canine friends out with them I am more than willing to dog sit while they go have fun.”

“We are opening every day now and want everyone to know that has changed.” Says Lorne “I am hoping to offer the local Hostels, schools and community groups a package deal where they can cruise the straits and enjoy our incredible area!”

“I also hope to get some fly-fishing lessons organised…it would be fantastic here.”

They have a huge array of water equipment for hire including their new Stand Up Paddle boards.

“We have something for everyone. The favourite with families is the paddleboats…the kids love them!” Lorne explains “We took over in December so were really thrown in at the deep end, which was a great learning curve. We have been warned that Easter is even busier, I can’t imagine that!!” laughs Lorne.

You can call  Lorne and Jill on 0405 818 277. Better still, if you are down that way call in and introduce yourselves – you won’t be disappointed, Lorne loves a chat and can’t wait to get out and meet some locals when they have time…probably not till after Easter though!

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