Christmas Gift Ideas from Rainbow Beach

Poona Lake

2020 is closing with a load of happenings here in Rainbow Beach. This week we were treated to a wonderful Small Halls Festival in our very own Community Hall, the Family Fishing Classic, a few schoolies plus the Country at the Beach festival. It’s been busy!

In addition, the phone has been running off the hook, as has our website bookings! There are a few windows to stay a few nights in January. Do call us now or secure your apartment online. We have never been so well booked! 

Thank you to all of our guests for supporting us during this time. Queensland relaxed the border restrictions this month, so we are looking forward to welcoming visitors from other states, as well.

Help our tourist town even more, by shopping local for Chrissy presents. If you want clutter-free gifts – think Rainbow Getaway accommodation voucher, meal vouchers for Arcobaleno or any of the eateries in town, massage vouchers (there are a few spots in town, who will ease away your aches), coffee vouchers from Little Parliament, cocktail vouchers from The Deck or why not a waterfront fish-and-chip bundle from Captains on Carlo or an Ocean Breeze Seafood takeaway. We haven’t even talked tours! Buy a scuba tour to Wolf Rock Dive, Learn to Surf, Fraser Island 4WD tour or even a helicopter flight. 

All memorable, and a wonderful holiday time experience with your partner or family. Add into that a cooling dip in Poona Lake (pictured), Searys Creek, a sandblow sunset and plenty of beach time and you have a recipe for a perfect summer break!

What’s On in Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach

Celebrate New Years Eve in Rainbow Beach – there will be family friendly fireworks at 8pm in front of the surf club, thanks to Gympie Regional Council. Across the road at the Sports Club, see in 2021 with a 1960s theme fancy dress party -there’s free entry and live entertainment.

Check out the free children’s workshops at Rainbow Beach Library January 8, 15 and 22.

Light Up Rainbow started last week. You’ll see more trees with pretty fairy lights all December!

The Rainbow Beach Aquatic Centre is now open. Enjoy aqua-aerobics, learn to swim and squad whilst you are in town.

Market-time! Rainbow Beach Markets have been bigger and better – they are on 3pm until late, Friday December 11 and January 23, 7am-12pm.


New Eatery in Town – Captains on Carlo

If you’ve been visiting Rainbow Beach for a while, you may remember the restaurant set over the water at Carlo Point. It has had a few different names over the years – but it has always been a beautiful spot to watch the sunset over the water.

We sampled Captains on Carlo this month and found the reef fish delicious and fresh with crunchy chips and yummy tartare sauce. They have burgers and family meals on offer, as well. The good news for all of us, is this is just the introductory menu, as the business grows we’ll see more on offer!

As another bonus, you can also hire their kayaks and stand up paddle boards.

Their bar will open soon, in the meantime it is BYO. It is open 8 am to 7 pm – come and try them out when you are next visiting.



A new eatery, events, presents and a school camp!

Rolleston State School.WHAT a month! Once again we’d like to thank our guests for choosing Rainbow Getaway and Rainbow Beach as your holiday destination.

After 15 years of living in Rainbow Beach – we are delighted to have finally won the prestigious Rainbow Cup! Held every Melbourne Cup day, across the road at the Sports Club – this very serious event requires a jockey, a trainer for each steed – a hobby horse. What a fun day we had!

This week we were delighted to host a classroom full of kids from Rolleston State School. They really did their town and school proud – with their beautiful manners and smiles. After visiting Fraser Island, mornings at the beach and Poona Lake, afternoons at Searys Creek and the Sandblow plus dinners at the Surf Club, takeaway pizzas and a BBQ at the Getaway gardens – they will be one sleepy busload on the way back home.

Heatley built their entire itinerary around what the school wanted – and it was obvious – Rainbow Beach is a perfect location for school camps, too!

With only one month to Christmas, we have plenty of present ideas for you – from accommodation vouchers to local massages, meals and unforgettable tours. We also have concerts and a Fishing Classic coming up at the community hall and Sport Club.


Cooloola Coast – a Magnet for Walkers

Rainbow Beach a Magnet for WAlkers

From meandering paths to treks from Queensland’s Great Walks in the Great Sandy National Park, Cooloola Section- our location is perfect for walkers. Here are a few of our favourites:

The Headland and Lookout– walk towards town along Rainbow Beach Road. If you go as far as you can, you will find the salvaged Cherry Venture propeller and behind it a lookout- with view to Fraser Island in the North and Double Island point in the South. If you follow the path in either direction will lead you to steps and onto the beach.

Carlo Sand Blow – A must for every visitor, walk or motor up Cooloola Drive to the reservoir. Only 600m away with steps towards the summit you arrive to a spectacular vista of ocean and sand plus views of Tin Can Bay Inlet and beyond. You can walk onto Coloured Sands and see how they contrast with the ocean below. This walk is very popular before sunset and walkers are rewarded with beautiful displays on dusk.

Carlo Sandblow -The Pedestrian circuit– from the National Parks Office walk to sandblow on the new track. This route is worth it simply for the view  on your arrival. Either complete the circuit by crossing the sandblow, towards Cooloola Drive or return the way you came. Approximately 4km return.

Lake Poona– drive to Bymien Car Park and walk through the rainforest approximately 40 minutes (9.6km if you choose to walk from town).

Lake Freshwater– this walk from the Bymien picnic area takes all day and is more challenging. However if you drive to the carpark you will find a pleasant bushwalk down to the lake entrance. The kids will love this one too.

Beach Walks – take your pick! The most popular is towards the iconic Coloured Sands. From the surf tower walk south and you will pass varying rock formations including the notorious Mudlo Rocks, waterfalls, the “mini-blow” before you reach the multi-coloured cliffs. Choose low tide for ease. If tides are higher, walk north to Rainbow Shores – you still get to enjoy the sight of Coloured Sands on your return. Or grab a taxi to Inskip Point then start walking back to the flagged area. Leave ample time this walk is not for the fainthearted-at approximately 9km long.

Double Island Point Lighthouse Only 15.7km to walk to Double Island Point, then picnic at the lighthouse! Alternatively, drive to Teewah Beach (from the beach or on the Freshwater road) and trek up to the lighthouse for a walk the whole family can manage. You can still bring your picnic! It is not uncommon to see turtles, manta rays and even whales when it is the right time of year. Bring your binoculars..

Barge walk– Walk onto the Manta Ray Barge to Fraser Island. Jump off and head up the beach- turn around when you are half way through your time and return. It’s a good idea to pack a picnic lunch and plenty of water for this one.

Honeymoon Bay– After driving to this wonderful piece of paradise you may just want to wallow on the beach or play in the shallows. There is a short rocky walk at the base of the headland that the kids will call an adventure. If you are up for something more, you can reach the Lighthouse and Double Island Point headland from this side too.

Seary’s Creek Boardwalk – a short stroll takes you to two waterholes in the tea coloured freshwater creek. Beautifully cool on the hottest summer day- a place the kids will ask you to return to. It’s only 7km towards Gympie on the Rainbow Beach Road.

Tin Can Bay Esplanade – Must be mentioned, so flat it is great for kids on scooters, bikes and skateboards. Extending for 4km, you can start at either end and make towards the gorgeous playground (with skatepark) opposite the library. All of this is on the water, the paths border the Tin Can Bay Inlet and have pleasant little bridges and lots of signage of local flora and fauna.

1000 steps walk – flat, paved path from the headland (start at the steps from the patrolled beach) through town, past the hall and around the back of the IGA, down Carlo road, and return. Great for prams and other wheeled devices.

The Great Walk – choose to do one or several days of this 102km walk to Noosa through some of the most beautiful bush and beach surroundings.

If you prefer a hill climb or sticking to the flat- there are plenty of options. Make sure you pack your walking shoes (and camera)when you next visit.

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