Wow your Valentine with these romantic meals

Dinner together at Rainbow BeachEat at home or dine out – here are 7 suggestions for your favourite person in the world. 
  1. Scallops on the half shell come pre-prepared at Rainbow Beach Meats with a savoury butter. All you do is leave them in the shell, pop them on some foil under a hot grill for about three minutes and they are done! 
  2. Try Sandy’s prawn cutlets from Ocean Breeze Seafood. Eat it with a salad or order a whole seafood pack. Sandy has fresh seafood, too.
  3. Rainbow Beach Pizza is open for pick up across the road – or you can even have home delivery! Ask Sean what else is on the menu – you may want to start with bruschetta or even order his lasagne or ribs.
  4. Visit the deli counter at the IGA for a selection of cold cuts, fetta, antipasto and pick up a packet of crackers.
  5. You can’t go past the seafood platter at Arcobaleno on the Beach, to share. Not your regular deep fried fare – you’ll find beautiful scallops on the shell, calamari, marinated prawns, chips, salad  and delicious baked fish with a crunchy topping.
  6. Enjoy the views  at the Deck – try their tapas and cocktails!
  7. Book a table looking over the bowls green at the Rainbow Beach Sports Club. Choose some entrees, salad or mains – it’s all delicious!

5 favourite picnic locations in Rainbow Beach

Inskip for a picnicBest for a swim
On the beachfront – find a picnic table – or bring a blanket. 

Best for views
Phil Rogers Park is south of the surf club, bordering a playground. There are new picnic tables – all with shelters, free gas BBQs, playground and a new walking path down to the viewing platform. There’s a bit of a slope, but you can still set up badminton or similar here. If you have a larger crowd, drive to the corner – where they have larger area. The picnic table also accommodates people with wheelchairs. 

Best for families

Lawrie Hanson Park – is the other playground, so great for families as well. This playground is larger with a great selection of equipment for varied ages. I love the flying fox. There are several covered picnic tables and free gas BBQs. Some of the sites have views. You’ll find areas here that are flat – so good for cricket or touch footy games. The Rainbow staircase leads to beach and road below. 

Best for Fraser Island Vistas

Inskip Point is only 15 minutes drive, toilets are in camping areas. We drive right to end to the carpark, before the bitumen stops. You don’t have to drive on the beach, but you can if you have a 4WD. It is a short walk across the road, bring your togs and fishing gear. 
Best for surfing, turtle spotting and the Great Beach Drive
About 20 minutes drive to Double Island Point – you’ll have to check tides, rock and road conditions and make sure your 4WD is ready for the beach.  But drive down past the Coloured Sands, past Middle Rock and you can stop at the lagoons – or drive further to the ‘carpark’ if conditions allow.  The only toilets are just past the Leisha Track turnoff, just continue on the beach.  This is a surfer’s mecca and a huge oasis of calm, sand and surf.  You can walk up to the top of Double Island Point and see the lighthouse. Bring your camera!
rainbow beach driving

5 ideas for picnics in Rainbow Beach

Picnic At Rainbow Beach
1. We love the salad sandwiches made at Ed’s Beach Bakery – they make their corn meat from scratch (for their famous corn meat and white sauce pies), be sure to ask for their relish! 
2. Even simpler, select a savoury pastry – pie, sausage roll or pastie! 
3. A hot BBQ chicken from the IGA, and their prepared salads. 
4. Rainbow Beach Butcher does delicious ham off the bone, they also stock fresh honey and condiments. Team it with some of their local Kenilworth cheese. Add an apple, french stick and salad and you have a ploughman’s lunch sorted.
5. Burgers from Rainbow Fruit – and a fruit salad. Easy to eat, reasonably priced and they are always good! 
Finish with a Creme de la Creme gelato! They’ll let you taste a few for your decision. Too many delicious ones to recommend – they make these on site. 

Top 5 activities for Rainbow Beach


1. Visit spectacular Carlo Sandblow for sunrise or sunset.

2. *Swim!* Start at our patrolled beach with views up to our famous    Coloured Sands, Double Island Point and to Fraser Island; take a  boardwalk to Seary’s Creek or hike into Poona Lake – sometimes you’ll have it all to yourself!

3. Drive the Great Beach Drive from Noosa to the top of Fraser Island    K’gari, you can drive on the longest beach road in the world.

4. Kayak with dolphins, turtles and even whales at Rainbow Beach. Scuba dive at Wolf Rock off Double Island Point, one of Australia’s best diving destinations.

5. Skydive, paraglide or take a helicopter ride over the Cooloola Coast and have the ultimate aerial view of our spectacular coastline.


5 Day Family Itinerary

5 Day Family Itinerary

Day 1:   Rainbow sands and the Sand-Blow
Head to the beach and walk up to the coloured sands, the reason for Rainbow’s colourful name. Play at the “Mini Sand Blow” (that’s what we locals call it), and make sure you show the kids the little waterfalls from artesian water.

Next comes the MUST DO! Pack drinks and snacks, drive up Cooloola Drive and park right at the top. A ten minute moderate walk will reward you with the magnificent Carlo Sand-Blow. The kids will love exploring the sand dunes, and you can all enjoy watching the sun set over the Tin Can Bay, sandy straights and Fraser Island (Kigari). Bliss.

The Carlo Sandblow

Day 2:   Hike to Poona Lake
Enjoy the wildlife, but look out for critters. Don’t forget to pack the togs, water and snacks (or lunch) and a camera, and definitely wear joggers and sunscreen.

To access this rainforest walk, drive towards Gympie and take the Freshwater track at Bymien Rainforest Park. The track is suitable for all vehicles.

Allow a few hours, kids love to play around the lake and even swim across it! The russet water (from the native tea trees) is visually striking, and it is a beautiful and cool spot, even in the summer.

Day Out at Poona Lake

Day 3:  Inskip Point
Pack your picnic, fishing rods and pick up some bait. If you have a 4WD take the first beach access road after the first roundabout on the Inskip Road. Please check the tides first (tide chart available at reception).

There is also a bitumen road to Inskip Point. Park near the trail roundabout and it’s not too far to walk with your gear to the beach side on the right or the still waters of Pelican Bay on the left.

Our ‘Top Tip’ is to walk along the beach to watch the barge – you can hop on and go overseas yourself, it’s free as a foot passenger!

Days out at Inskip

Day 4:  Double Island Point
Make sure you see Double Island Point! It really is a paradise.

If you have visited Fraser Island, next up is a swim with the dolphins, or learning to surf on Australia’s longest wave. We will book it for you.

If you have your own 4WD, you can also drive up past the Coloured Sands. Just remember to check your tides.

Walk up to the Lighthouse and you can spot the dolphins and turtles. In the winter months of June up until the last days of spring in November you can see the humpback whales!

If a 4WD trip is not your thing – try fishing at Carlo Point. You can hire a tinnie or a kayak, and it is a beautiful spot to watch the sun set over the water. 

Or the family can always visit our beautiful beach again!

Days Out at Double Island Point

Day 5:  Tin Can Bay
Start early if you want to feed the dolphins. The volunteers will let you in the water near to the dolphins and feeding time is at 8am. Please note that charges do apply.

With an esplanade boasting kilometres of foreshore, it's a wonderful place to walk, or ride a bike to the cafes where you can enjoy some of Tin Can Bay’s beautiful fresh seafood.

dolphin feeding

Other things to enjoy:

Take a Tour!

Rainbow beach has great tour options for all ages, ask our team and we will find something that suits you and your family and book it for you.

One of our most popular tours is a great adventure on Fraser Island. World Heritage listed and only 15 mins away. You will see pristine rainforests, amazing lakes and travel down to Eli Creek.

Another enjoyable tour option is kayaking with the dolphins. You could spend a day with one of nature’s most playful creatures in one of nature’s best parts of the world.

Both tours are big days. Our best suggestion is booking dinner out at the club across the street, the pub just down the street, or the lovely Italian place around the corner.

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