What’s New in Rainbow Beach for July

1. “Little Parliament” is the name of the new family owned and run eatery, replacing Cafe Jilarty. Pictured is one of their pop up shops, whilst they are refreshing the interiors. It is going to be beautiful! As are the cakes and fruit loaf on offer.

2. The Surf Club is still in renovations also – however the Sports Club is back trading, go enjoy a drink or a meal just across the road from us. Bingo is back, too!

3. The gym is now under private ownership, congratulations to Bec and team. There are classes on every week day – again, it is just across the road. PIlates and yoga are also offered locally.

4. The Rainbow Getaway pool is heated. It is amazing how much warmer the surf is here, even compared to the Gold Coast. Our boys swim right through winter.

5. The walk to Lake Poona is now open! You can drive to Bymien Picnic Area and walk in, or you walk there from Rainbow Beach! It’s about 9 km – so unless you want to walk (or run) back, organise one of your group to pick you up. It is accessible to conventional vehicles.

School holidays are here!

School holidays are here!Finally! The school break is here, except unlike the last one, we don’t have to stay at home.

Please come and join us! Queenslanders, now is the time to help get the economy back into gear, and go on holiday. We have COVID regulations all in place for your safety. In a town of 1000-ish residents, kilometres of coastlines, surrounded by bush it is easy to self-distance and escape the crowds.

Things feel like they are returning to that new normal. This week I’ve enjoyed returning to the gym, brekky out and a dinner with friends in town. And my delicious pasta wasn’t served on disposable plates! Plus there were proper glasses. Accommodation bookings are coming in thick and fast, too – thank you everyone who is making it a priority to visit Rainbow Beach! We love seeing Rainbow Beach bustling again. Please tell your friends to join you, and book an apartment as well. Rainbow Getaway is ideal for groups – the BBQ areas and gardens make it easy to cater, spread out and relax.

Our winter days have been beautiful, I’m still loving my walks along our beach and Coloured Sands. Remember to book a pass if you are driving up to Double Island Point, or we can help you book a 4WD, a tour there or to Fraser Island.

If you are across the state border, stay tuned – we have fingers and toes crossed Queensland’s gates will be open for you soon.

We are ready for your post lockdown getaways!


If you are sick of being cooped up in your house and locality, and you live or are already in Queensland – accommodation and holiday travel opens from noon today! Best to book directly with us via our phone, email or website.

We do wish we could extend this invitation to ALL our Rainbow Getaway regulars who love to flee the southern states for some warm Queensland sunshine during winter! Hopefully sooner rather than later those borders will be open.

Rainbow Beach has miles of open beaches, bushtracks, sandblows, ocean and shores to isolate yourself and your loved ones. Perfect for picnics and outdoor fun. Self distancing is easy here!

At Rainbow Getaway you can be assured that Covid-19 regulations are followed for your safety and our pool will be heated on your arrival. We can show you plenty to see and do to make the most of your time with us. The days have been beautiful, what are you waiting for – we hope to see you soon!


Dining is back on

Dine wth a view Rainbow Beach

Yes, it is limited and numbers are still capped so you should book ahead – but we’ve been out on the town this week and can vouch for delicious meals at The Deck at Sea Salt and Arcobaleno on the Beach.

They are implementing standards for Covid, including self distancing, recording names, some using disposable platters but as locals we are supporting them, and really appreciating their offerings.

The Deck is licensed, and BYO for Arco. Lunch is also on offer at Rainbow Beach Fruit, and morning coffees and takeaway at the bakeries and Cafe Jilarty. Both Cafe Jilarty and the Rainbow Beach Surf Club are still renovating – so watch this space!

Of course, there are still plenty of takeaway options – Rainbow Beach Pizza also has delicious salads and mains (that Thai curry!) as does the Sports Club with themed nights (you should check out their new drive through Bottle-O).

Finally Tin Can Bay has a new eatery – Mad MudCrab. It is located where the Black Cockatoo was opposite the foreshore. We are looking forward to trying their fare, as well.

Remember to call ahead and check hours they are open.


What’s new in Rainbow Beach?

As businesses stage through the new roadmap, we’ve been enjoying scrumptious takeaways and even online raffles! In fact, I was very chuffed to take home a Mother’s Day raffle last Friday. Hopefully some businesses will be able to open up to dining from May 15.

The Sports Club raffles on Fridays between 6pm and 7pm live on Facebook. You call up and pay over the phone, they advise you what numbers you have purchased. So you can have a drink, watch the very entertaining draw by Kroppy and Loz, and maybe pick up a meat tray, seafood, fruit tray or other lovely prize. (Mine was three bottles of wine and chocolates!). Check out their theme nights – ribs, roasts and Asian delights, as well as pizzas, currently Tuesday- Saturday, Bottle-O included.

Rainbow Beach Pizza – As well as their yummy pizzas, Sean has just introduced a new Autumn menu – we can highly recommend his Thai green curry chicken, pesto mushroom salad and lasagna! We are yet to try the rest…

Arcobaleno on the Beach – You’ll be glad to hear Tony and the Arco team offer the same delicious menu. I particularly love their scallops, healthy seafood platters and salads. Their pizzas are authentic and I love the pumpkin ravioli. Their wicked churros are also hard to go past.

Ocean Breeze Seafood – Innovative Sandy has been operating a retro kitchen as well as her beautiful fresh, local seafood. This is our go-to for fish ‘n’ chips. But Sandy has also been cooking up meals including old fashioned curries and stews, corn meat and roasts – yum!

Rainbow Beach Fruit – Great for lunch – beautiful wraps and burgers. Fruit salad and smoothies. Andrew has lovely fresh produce – ask for his fruit and veggie box to go home with!

The Deck at Sea Salt and Cafe – Tuppy has been changing the menu every weekend so there are different tastings on offer for lunches and weekend nights. Burgers, curries, pork belly, lamb shanks and more!

Remember bakeries, butcher, service stations, surf shops are all open. Renovations are happening at Cafe Jilarty and the Surf Club. So there is lots to look forward to. See you here from June 12th!

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