May 28, 2010 ·

 We are lucky at Rainbow Beach- we enjoy the beach swims pretty much all year round. The weather is mild in May, ocean temperatures are warm and there are always less visitors at this time of year. Sometimes you can even have the beach all to yourself!

These two photos were snapped on a weekend in late May when the kids enjoyed a dip. The flags were out, it was a beautiful day. The first shot was taken minutes after low tide, looking towards Double Island Point. The sand is plentiful on the beach at the moment- great for walking, 4WD ing, fishing and beach picnics. We are also fortunate to have our livesavers keeping an eye out for everyone swimming in the flags.

Check their daily updates on the beach so you know the beach conditions before you or your family have a dip. Visit here for great Rainbow Beach accomodation deals or to find out more about Rainbow Beach activities.

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