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Already in 2011 there have been plenty of searches to the blog for Christmas Party ideas. We may be able to add the new community hall as an option for larger groups for functions. Until then, we have larger rooms at the church, The Sports Club and upstairs at the Pub. Book early as wedding season is on us as well! Big groups can take it outdoors – to the beach, parks or even the Sandblow (sunset drinks!). Here are our ideas from last year (also great for family reunions):

Try thinking of your Christmas party as an event, rather than a get together. Instead of the traditional sit-around-somewhere-and-eat party, you could host a party based around a location or activity. Here are some options to help your party be the stand out event on the calendar…

Get out of the night time groove.While we tend to think of parties as evening affairs, they don’t have to be. Even if your work Christmas party ideas is to host a meal for your guests at a restaurant or hotel, it will have a different atmosphere at a lunch and you combine it with fun activities.

Break the mold. Whatever you normally do, change it from year to year. No matter what you did for your last company Christmas party, there will always be a certain percentage of people who will find it boring if you do it again.

Turn it into a family affair.People’s expectations and behaviors will change if you broaden your guest list to include staff and their families to your staff Christmas party. For one thing, you can aim for a healthy event. And as an added bonus, more people will be likely to attend as they don’t have to get sitters. Activity based parties are especially good for this. People of all ages can play cricket, for instance.

Mix up your guest list. Instead of hosting a company Christmas party that’s just for staff, you could widen your guest list to include business associates and turn it into an annual beach cricket day or touch footy competition, bushwalk to a lake or 4WD trek.  Attendees as they’ll get a chance to meet new people and have less chance to get trapped into endless shop talk conversations.

Activity Activity Activity. Book a trainer for the day – learn how to surf, along with all your team. Go fishing, barefoot bowls, tennis, bushwalk, golf..

Go Extreme for your Party. Skydive, Paragliding, Hang gliding. You may have a few spectators! Bring the video….

Join the Wildlife Kayak with the dolphins, join the dolphin ferry or book them to tour the Sandy Straits to spot dugong. Scuba dive, see the mantas, turtles and other sea creatures. Get back to nature!

Cellar doors Follow a trail to your destination…. What an arrival (arrange a chaffeur)!

Pamper Days Massages, facials, manicures, makeovers what staff member would want to miss this party (can be tailored to the blokes as well).

Progressive Dinners Target eating out options within walking distance. Your first destination for starters, move on for the next course and at least then to dessert. Great to grab some exercise and fun for all. You can also schedule in some diversions.  Be sure to organise with the restaurants and cafes before hand.

Mystery events Just do the above, but don’t tell them until the day. Book a bus!

Book a tour Visit an island for a day.  Go back in history. Deep sea fishing.

A night away for your team Great as a thank you. Some groups combine this with some continuing education then finish with a fun night or day. This is more popular if it is located in a beautiful destination.

Theme it up! You choose what it is and how far it goes. Dress up, or try a games night, trivia competition, host a mystery dinners are great for smaller numbers…..

Picnic Days Remember those fantastic extended family picnics? With multigenerational cricket games, watersports, BBQ’s, shady trees, frisbee ….

The trick to successfully hosting any party is to blend just the right amounts of excitement and comfort. If it is not funded by your work, building a kitty through the year just may help everyone’s budget. Remember, though, when choosing a company Christmas party idea based on an activity, generally pick something that everyone can do. Ensure the organisers have some fun as well. Plus, have plenty of other things for people to drink- especially for the drivers. Besides juices, teas, coffees and alcohol-free punches, mocktails can be a fun alternative.

With these Christmas party ideas all of them are available right here at Rainbow Beach. Rainbow Getaway is central to all of these activities. Come stay with us and we can help you plan and book an extraordinary event. You can host a work Christmas do, that rather than coming up with excuses for avoiding, your team will look forward to attending every year.

Enjoy your celebration!

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