1 Carlo Sandblow

When you arrive at Carlo Sandblow, move off the decking and explore this huge sand mass. From views to Fraser Island and Double Island Point, right across Tin Can Bay Inlet, venture to the cliffs – be really careful, I almost lost my two cameras and myself over the edge. The rocks appear stable, but some crumble to the touch! The photos were worth it…





2-4 Double Island Point 

The Lighthouse is not to missed if you love photography. Walk up from either side of the point, do the circuit if you have someone to drop you off on the other side of the Leisha track. You do need a 4WD or tour to enjoy Double.Then there is The point itself. Climb up to the little pandanus trees clinging to the headland, from the surfers to the rocks below, there’s plenty to take in. Then there’s the lagoons, look for where rays have been resting, or if the soldier crabs are marching. It’s a piece of paradise! 



5 The Coloured Sands

Walk up where they start or take a tour. The colours are amazing and so many! Take the time to get out of the 4WD and really see them up close. (Note that some are quite unstable, so warn the kids.)



6 The beach

With the backdrop of our famous Coloured Sands, miles of uninterrupted sand it is unusual not to see someone with a camera making the most of the views..


7 Seary’s Creek

Be prepared to share this favourite spot. Becoming more and more popular, it is not just tourists but the eel and catfish as well! There’s two swimming holes, decks and the walk is suitable for wheelchairs. I love the reflections you see when the kids have stopped their jumping!


8 Poona Lake 

Again not uncommon to venture here and feel like you are on a deserted island, with it all to yourself. Bring joggers for the walk in and water. We always stay and play, so the kids need a few snacks to fortify, too. The deep tea tree stained lake is like an oasis, especially in summer. 

9 Mudlo Rocks

The is where vehicles become stuck. Not for the photos, but when tackling the rocks. Please please ask locals, check conditions reports with National Parks and check tides!


10 The Mini-Blow

At least that’s what we local’s call it. Often mistaken for Carlo Sandblow, this miniature version is the one you can see from the surf club car park, or from the patrolled beach. Walk down the surf club steps, past the rocks if the tides let you, and it is on the right! If you prefer not to climb up the huge dune, walk in from Carlo Circle – there is a track near the steps. Guaranteed views of sunrises and town too. 

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