Ditch the sausages - there's loads of alternatives

Ditch the sausages – there’s loads of alternatives

Temperatures are soaring at Rainbow Beach for Australia Day. Barbecues will be firing, so get family and friends together and be active with swimming, cricket and footy, here are some of our favourite locations:

  1. Inskip Point is a great place to congregate with friends and celebrate on January 26.
  1. Double Island Point (4WD access only) – bring your surfboard!
  1. Out the front on the beach – set up some shade and enjoy the day.
  1. On the Rainbow Beach foreshore – picnic shelter and picnic tables provided.

For these top four locations – you need to bring your own BBQ – but, oh, what a view!

  1. With playgrounds and view to Double Island Point and Fraser Island, veer left or right after the shops and find a picnic table or shady lawn to enjoy your lunch. Free BBQs are provided.
  1. Freshwater Picnic Area – a lovely grassy area with lots of tables to share your spoils (4WD access) – or stop at Bymein.
  1. Carlo Point – set back a little – but with still great views of the water. Beautiful at sunset – but bring the mozzie repellent. 
  1. On a BBQ Boat! Ask us about hire. 
  1. Fraser Island – you can easily head over for a day trip!
  1. But not last – we love the Tin Can Bay Foreshore – there’s picnic tables and/or BBQs, shade and swimming from Norman Point to Crab Creek – watch the boats as you enjoy your lunch.

Easy ways to make your beach BBQ healthier

  • Swap sausages, salami, bacon and ham for chicken kebabs, skinless chicken or lean mince patties
  • Watch your portions
  • Don’t ruin your meat with charring 
  • Choose wholemeal or wholegrain breads, without butter
  • Lots of water – not just alcohol and/or soft drink
  • Ditch full-fat potato and pasta salads for mixed green salads dressed in herbs and a vinaigrette, or lightly grill vegetables such as corn on the cob, pineapple or zucchini.
  • Stay in the shade and wear sunscreen, hats, sunnies and shirts
  • Try  fruits platters for dessert! 

this information was adapted from cancerqld.org.au.

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